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As Roderick was growing up, he was always interested in and surrounded with friends which were bullied and teased by other schoolboys and didn't have a lot of other friends. He helped and tried to make them stronger. His social level is very high, that's the reason why I am not so very surprised that he makes an Art of helping people everywhere he is coming. So continue your good work, your father is very, very, proud of you and love you very much.
Elmo Lodewijks, Jan 13'2013, Bovenkarspel
Hey Ro, i just did my first Donation ever and i hope it will help you by realising your Ideas and help the people in need. I regret that we never really got to know eachother better whilst we where working together.I am really proud of you and your Work. I wish you all the best with this Project! See you soon
Ulrich Frank, Dec 16'2012, Kamp-Lintfort Germany
Roderick is honest, friendly, good hearted, helpfull but above all my(our) son. He needs to help the world and succeeds in doing so. We are very proud and love him for doing so. xxxx Frans en Moos
Francien Lodewijks-Boeijkens, Nov 28'2012, Bovenkarspel, Holland, Website
Life is very short to do it only for yourself. Roderick is one of those amazing people who share, help and radiate positive energy around as well as helping people to find and start better life right now! Well done, Roderick and good luck!!!
Andrey, Nov 27'2012, Moscow, Russia
Great person, always creating a really nice atmosphere around him and determined to leave a place better than he found it. Roderick, I wish you the best of luck with this project!
Marco, Nov 22'2012, Argentina
A great cause from a great person! Let's crowd fund and support Roderick with helping people all over the World. He's got the right focus. First GIVE!
Rutger Smit, Nov 22'2012, Amsterdam, Website
Nice going Ro! Love is all that matters. Just helping the people that are around us the best way we can is very effictive. It's often the little things that matter. Don't stop being you. I'll support you and I would also like to say to every individual that wants to get involved, your money is in good hands and will finds it's way to unexpected people in need. One Love! X
Willem Jan, Nov 21'2012, Netherlands
As your sister I can't do anything else than really support your cause, Ro. I think it is a relief for people that for once they can really see what happens to their money after the donation. The part that I like about your cause is the fact that the people who receive your help not only get the maximum result out of just a small amount of money.. they also get the most important thing that you -my special brother- have got to give: Some sincere Ro-love..
Mimi, Nov 20'2012, Netherlands
your a hero to this woman! and i want to help too! i have a party soon and wil collect some money for your project.. keep it going! it's just a start of something big! peace!
Rianne Bonte, Nov 20'2012, Amsterdam
A wonderful person doing even more wonderful things. A spare penny here or there would help him out big time. In turn you get to see a very cheery and happy Roderigo using the money to make those live's around him just as beautifully cheery and happy too. Please share a little folks! I promise it's going to the right place.
Claire, Nov 20'2012, Scotland
Hey man, its sick what you're doing! Inspiring! I donated something, couldnt miss more :P Goodluck, keep it up!
Bas Dirks, Nov 20'2012, Website

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Hey man, its sick what you're doing! Inspiring! I donated something, couldnt miss more :P Goodluck, keep it up!
Bas Dirks, Nov 20'2012, Website
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