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(due to safety and privacy reasons I cannot show the full names of the schools and children)


The Sri Lankan Government makes decision making easy when it comes to rural primary schools: “If there are few children we close it down”.

K. Primary School is one of those schools. It is based in Uduwa village, which is part of Gallegedere town. Uduwa is a small village that is close to K. Primary School and rubberestates. There are many rubbertappers in the village, but the tapping business depends on the weather. All tappers have a bad income and no perspective on other possibilities.

So money is an issue. The villagers don’t have enough money to send the children to a good school (in town). The bustickets are already too expensive. K. Primary School needs to be around for the children in the village to get their education. The government doesn’t care too much about these regional schools. It has no political value. The government only pays some staff.

SRILANKAY 5The staff of this school is very motivated and willing to help all the kids. Every year they have a few children with good results on the government exam. Which is the final exam after 11th grade. This means that the children can go to highschool (if they have the money), or find a small job. They can actually make something of their life. They can have a future. That is why we are there to help!

These children need support. Our Western money has a much greater value here.

With €50 we can buy:

  • Childproof shoes
  • A schooluniform
  • A schoolbag
  • Schoolbooks
  • Notebooks
  • Writing gear
  • …and more schoolsupplies.

We help the child and we help the school. We create a durable solution for the problem.

Why sponsor a kid?

Why not! It’s the best gift I can think of.. These kids are not worried about which playstation game to buy next, or about what brand of clothes they need to wear today. No, they don’t have a notebook to do their homework. They don’t even have a pen to write in the notebook that they don’t have! Come on, let’s make a difference and give them some schoolsupplies!

The motivation factor is really important. By receiving a gift, these kids are motivated to actually work hard and study. Some of these kids are still looking for a sponsor. Look at the stories below and sponsor one of them!




Date of birth: 20-08-05

Kumai is a lovely girl. Her father is a day laborer in the rubber estate but as usual there is no work all the time because of the weather conditions. The mother has no job. She has another sister who goes to school too. With the little income they get is a big difficulty to educate two children. If any one can support Kumari with her studied to give her better future will be great help for her. Let's help Kumari!

Kumari found a sponsor!



Date of birth: 25-08-05

Taridu's father repairs shoes in a town, on the street. Sometimes he can’t even earn his bus fair. The mother works in a garment factory in the same town. Taridu's grand mother looks after him and his sister. The little money they earn is enough to live day to day life but very difficult to give the children the education. Taridu gets his education now because we send him to school and we are looking for a sponsor for this little guy!

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Date of birth: 19-08-05

Just like many fathers Janaka's father is a worker in the rubber estate. He doesn’t have work all the time because of the weather conditions. The mother has no job. Janaka has a brother and a sister who are going to school too. It is very difficult for father to support three children’s education and the day to day living. We send Janaka to school and would be greatly helped with a sponsor for this little guy!

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Date of birth: 14-08-05

Janasanka is a nice kid. He has a sister that is already going to school. His father is a day worker in the rubber estate but during the rainy days he has no work. The mother has no job. The father has problems with providing for the family. We are sending Janasanka to school. Who helps us?

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Date of birth: 01-07-05

Nuwans father is building houses in the village. The village is very poor so there is not much to build and he has no work. The mother also has no job. Nuwan has three other brothers in the family that go to school. They are struggling to live day to day life and especially to give education to four boys who need a better future. We need a sponsor for Nuwan!

Nuwan found a sponsor!



Date of birth: 13-06-05

Ramani tells me this is a very bright kid. His father is a day laborer in a rubber estate and his mother has no job. The father works hard to get some money for the family but it's insufficient. With his little income it is difficult to give this little boy an education. If anybody is willing to help him to get some education will be awesome for him and his family.

Dilshan found a sponsor!



Date of birth: 27-07-06

Tarushika is so cute. She looks really fragile and lovely. She has two brothers. Her parents are working as labourers in the rubber estate but the income they get is not enough for supporting three children’s education. It seems like a perpetuating story for all these kids and all these parents. The rubber business is not profitable. Especially if you are on the bottom of the food chain. Please help us send Tarushika to school.

Tarushika found a sponsor!



Date of birth: 03-05-06

Tarushi has two siblings in her family. All of them are going to school. Her parents are working in the rubber estate as day labourers. The income they get is not enough for sending three children to school. It would be great if anyone can help us send this little girl to school.

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Date of birth: 14-05-06

She is a lovely child with one other sister in the family. Her father is a day labourer in the rubber estate and her mother has no work. The income he gets is not enough to send two children to school and to keep the family going on. We help them to send their daughter to school. It would be great if we can find a sponsor for her.

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Date of birth: 01-01-06

This little girl is very bright and she has another brother in her family. They are both going to school. Like many others in this village her parents are temporary labourers in the rubber estate. They rely on nature for their income. They try to give good education to their children, but they just don't have enough money. So we try to help this girl!

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Date of birth: 30-08-06

Neranjala has two other siblings in the family. All three are going to school. Both of her parents are working in the rubber state as labourers but as in with any rubberworker they don't make a lot of money. It is very difficult for the parents to give education for three children from their income. If any of you can give them hand by helping this little girl’s education, that will be grate help for all of them.

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Date of birth: 29-04-2006

She is a very bright and lovely girl. Her father is a temporary labourer in the rubber estate so he has not much work for a week. Her mother sometimes works in the garment factory. So, they can earn some money for the day to day life, but not enough for a good education for Upaksha. If we can supply Upeksha with her yearly schoolsupplies she can get her education.

Upeksha found a sponsor!


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