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Distributing The Goods For First Half 2013

Sponsorchildren of 4th and 5th grade

Before distributing the schoolsupplies we have to buy them first. Ramani has great contacts because she has been doing this for a couple of years already. So she knows exactly where to buy the stuff and how to get discount.

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What Happens After You Sponsor a Child?


I will tell that in a moment. The first thing I need to do is wish you an AWESOME new year. I haven’t done that yet :) The second thing I need to do is THANK YOU. Wow, I got

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Second Finished Project. The New Roof.

A new roof

In the beginning of november, before I had some donations, I decided to help out a family so they could build a new roof. I gave €200 to Ranjith, because I knew I could trust him with the money. He

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Financial Transparancy

There is a trust issue around a lot of charities. And I can’t blame anybody but the charities themselves for it. If they would just be open and honest, trust would not be an issue. If there is one person

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New Topic for Whereisro: Education!


Two weeks ago I met Ramani and Sameera. I got introduced to them by Robby, who I met at a party in Kandy the first night I got there. He’s Scottish and it turned out he was half Italian, so

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The Big Day for Viola’s Beach Stand

Viola in front of the shop

About three weeks ago I arrived in Sri Lanka. When I set foot on Sri Lankan soil I stayed in Mount Lavinia, Colombo. A place that has been hit by the Tsunami of 2004. People that were poor before, are

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Funding For a New Roof

Family that needs a new roof

The first couple of days in Wakwella I was trying to settle in the house. I mostly stayed inside the first days because I had work to do and It was raining heavily. The house was in the middle of

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€200 for Viola’s Beach Stand in Colombo, Sri Lanka


In Sri Lanka I’ve met Viola. She’s spitting blood because her teeth are falling out. Viola lives in her daughters house next to the beach in Colombo. The house is made of wood and some plates over it. The real

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