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30-11-2012 / 15-01-2013

After I ran a Christmas Campaign on Facebook I had a lot of results. 20 kids have sponsors now and I got some free donations. INCOMING         PayPal Incoming: €238 – Bank Incoming: €730 TOTAL INCOMING: €968

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Financial Transparancy

There is a trust issue around a lot of charities. And I can’t blame anybody but the charities themselves for it. If they would just be open and honest, trust would not be an issue. If there is one person

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29-10-2012 / 29-11-2012

This is my first month doing this, so it is not perfect yet. In the future I will be less sloppy with receipts. OUTGOING €200 for the Roof Project of 01-11-2012. Not finished yet. €160 for the Beach Shop Project

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Here's how to do it:

Bank Transfer to Roderick Lodewijks:

IBAN: NL69 ASNB 0708 0153 36
(en voor Nederlanders: t.n.v. Roderick Lodewijks)

PayPal & Creditcard:

A wonderful person doing even more wonderful things. A spare penny here or there would help him out big time. In turn you get to see a very cheery and happy Roderigo using the money to make those live's around him just as beautifully cheery and happy too. Please share a little folks! I promise it's going to the right place.
Claire, Nov 20'2012, Scotland
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