Roderick LodewijksHi! My name is Ro(derick), and I want to help people that are less lucky. This can be for childrens education, or helping a person to start a business. WhereisRo.com was launched in October 2012 after I set foot in Sri Lanka.

The practical aim of the website is to raise funds. I don’t use any money for myself, just for the projects. I earn my own money as a freelance marketeer from around the globe.

Raising Funds for a Greater Good.This website is used to show WhereisRo projects. Contributors can see what is happening and have a clear view on where the money goes. As a small charity organization, WhereisRo.com is transparent and honest. For contributors it is nice to see what beautiful things can be done with a small amount of money.

WhereisRo.com communicates projects on a personal level. Contributors will be kept in the loop at all time.

Check the “Latest News” section for the project activities.

It would be awesome if initiatives like mine could be a part of the past. But a flawless world is far away. There are still people living in poverty and there are still people that are in need of help. I wish we would all contribute in our own way to help the less fortunate.


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IBAN: NL69 ASNB 0708 0153 36
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Nice going Ro! Love is all that matters. Just helping the people that are around us the best way we can is very effictive. It's often the little things that matter. Don't stop being you. I'll support you and I would also like to say to every individual that wants to get involved, your money is in good hands and will finds it's way to unexpected people in need. One Love! X
Willem Jan, Nov 21'2012, Netherlands
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